Southern Dallas comprises 60 percent of the City of Dallas’ land mass and is home to 45 percent of the Dallas County population—yet accounts for only 15 percent of the city’s property tax base. We must build upon the foundation of work that is already being done in Southern Dallas, and that means creating market-based solutions for investment and debt capital to leverage current public and private investment.

Impact Dallas Capital 

Impact Dallas Capital is a not-for-profit organization created to increase investment in Southern Dallas. Inspired by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings’ call to action and GrowSouth initiative, the vision of Impact Dallas Capital is to create economic opportunity for Southern Dallas through sponsorship of a family of double bottom line investment funds that will provide sustainable, flexible, long-term capital to catalyze investment in the community. The first bottom line is a targeted risk-adjusted market rate of return to its investors. The second bottom line is to facilitate economic growth and revitalization in historically underserved areas of Southern Dallas.

Impact Dallas Capital recently commissioned a feasibility study from Strategic Development Solutions and Economic Innovation International, Inc., which concluded that part of the solution to correcting this imbalance could be creation of a platform to secure additional capital resources to drive investment in Southern Dallas.

To that end, Impact Dallas Capital will launch a family of investment funds that not only focus on the immediate capital needs of the community but also create a long-term sustainable source of capital. This is a private capital initiative where dedicated resources and expertise will augment important ongoing public sector programs. While Impact Dallas Capital will coordinate closely with Mayor Rawlings on his GrowSouth Initiative, Impact Dallas Capital is a private organization designed to be self-sustaining over the long term, regardless of who occupies the mayor’s office. This ensures the continuity of Impact Dallas Capital’s mission while avoiding the constraints that encumber government and will accelerate implementation of new projects and the resulting positive impact on the community.

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City of Dallas Economic Development
Dallas maintains a full service economic development program that leads the City’s business and real estate development efforts. The Office supports existing and prospective Dallas businesses and the development and redevelopment of downtown and neighborhoods in southern Dallas Learn more at:

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