Education Resources
  • City of Learning powered by Big Thought - A public-private citywide commitment to ensure all students have access to summer learning opportunities as we collectively combat summer learning loss and the growing opportunity gap that disproportionally affects low-income youth.
  • Reading Partners - A national 501(c)3 nonprofit who partners with under-resourced schools and engages volunteer reading partners (community tutors) to help students who struggle with reading unlock and develop the foundational skills they need to succeed in school and in life.
  • Friends of the Dallas Public Library – A member supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that advocates for the Dallas Public Library system and seeks to enhance community awareness for all its unique resources and benefits.
  • Commit! Partnership - Currently comprised of over 135 organizations, the Commit! Partnership includes numerous public school districts, charter school networks, private schools, higher ed institutions, foundations, businesses, and nonprofits.-
  • Big Thought - Plays an essential role in innovating education in Dallas by providing unprecedented access to learning -
  • ScholarShot is a 501(c)(3) Texas Corporation dedicated to helping at-risk students complete degrees in higher education. In Texas well-meaning access programs get at-risk students into college, but unprepared and underfunded, 9 out of 10 drop out. ScholarShot has a proven formula to help at-risk students complete career-ready vocational, associate and undergraduate degrees. Since being founded in 2009, ScholarShot Scholars have maintained a cumulative GPA of 2.38 with more than 85% earning degrees. -
Jobs Resources
  • Worforce Solutions Greater Dallas - The local organization mandated to implement a system of services that complement economic development - as a resource for employers to access the quality employees they need, and training individuals to be successfully employed. Workforce Solutions administers a broad range of programs to address local workforce issues with business-directed objectives, including job training, workplace education, child care and educational initiatives to provide the necessary support for every citizen of Greater Dallas to be successful at work.
  • Find A Workforce Job Center - 
  • Work in Texas Job Portal -
  • D23Goes2Work - A joint effort of local community service providers who have been brought together to form a partnership and collaboration of expertise and resources in response to the plight of joblessness and underemployment as experienced by far too many Dallas area residents.