Councilmember Rickey Callahan has a vision to focus attention on the southeastern area of Dallas. Pleasant Grove was always referred to the “next” place for development in southern Dallas but the time is Now! This is the birth of the Pleasant Grove NOW! initiative. This coordinated effort will ensure that the neighbors, developers, and all interested parties have a targeted approach to the growth of southeast Dallas. This is a by-product of the GrowSouth initiative to ensure that all areas are working in concert to drive economic development in southern Dallas. Pleasant Grove NOW! has three focus areas:


  1.  1) Build More
    • Add more retail
    • Rehab older apartments
    • Create more office space

  3. 2) Finish Recreational Projects
    • Byron Nelson Golf Tournament
    • Park and Trail projects
    • Neighborhood Beautification projects

  5. 3) Train Workforce
    • Open a new workforce center in south east Dallas
    • Attract a major employer 150- 500 jobs
    • Use Dallas ISD Collegiate Academy Model to create pipeline training for workforce


 Pleasant Grove NOW! Focus Area - Click here for a detailed map

Pleasant Grove NOW!

Pleasant Grove is a new area of focus for GrowSouth. It has the potential to be one of the thriving areas of southern Dallas. This is the birth of the...