After launching GrowSouth, Mayor Rawlings committed to keeping residents and business owners informed on the “State of GrowSouth” with an annual progress report.

Year Three Report:

This GrowSouth Community Indicators Year Three Progress Report provides statistical updates on changes in eight focus areas.


The foundational briefing presented to Dallas City Council in February 2012 laid out a framework for the focus areas and a set of expectations tied to their potential for growth.  Each focus area requires a customized approach to a unique set of opportunities and challenges.  Neighborhoods must receive a critical mass of new investment to change market perceptions, so each focus area has a core investment area and a detailed improvement plan.  The core investment area is the area most likely to grow in the next two-to-five years.  The focus areas are divided into three categories.

The first category covers three focus areas that are already on a clear path to successful growth.  Pinnacle Park Expansion builds around Pinnacle Park and adds a core project in The Canyon at Oak Cliff, a mixed-use development that will add additional retail, office, and residential growth to the area.  North Oak Cliff centers around the successful regional attraction Bishop Arts District, as well as the planned rejuvenation of Jefferson Boulevard.  The Greater Downtown / Cedars area includes the iconic South Side on Lamar project, the Kay Bailey Hutcheson Convention Center, the redevelopment of the newly-privatized Dallas Farmers Market, and adds the Cedars West area along Riverfront Boulevard.

The second category is comprised of areas that have anchors in place, and are about to attract large- scale private development.  The Education Corridor / International Inland Port of Dallas (IIPOD) has two such anchors: the growing University of North Texas at Dallas campus and the IIPOD, a multi- jurisdictional industrial and warehousing district.  The Red Bird neighborhood is building around Dallas Executive Airport and Southwest Center Mall.  The West Dallas Gateway, at the foot of the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, has the burgeoning Trinity Groves project’s restaurants and banquet facilities.  Mixed-use development including residential is planned to begin in 2015.

The third and final category includes two areas where major public investments are leading the way with the anticipation of building private market demand in the near future.  The Lancaster Corridor has two core investment areas: the Lancaster Urban Village, recently completed with substantial public investment, and the Dallas VA Medical Center’s ongoing expansion.  The DART Green Line area saw the arrival of light rail in 2011, providing new access points in a multitude of neighborhoods stretching from Fair Park to Pleasant Grove.

Grow South Year 3 Progress Report – April 2015

Grow South Community Indicators Annual Report – April 2015

GrowSouth Year 4 Presentation – April 2015