South Oak Cliff High School
3601 S. Marsalis Ave.

The mission of South Oak Cliff High School is to provide academic and social opportunities that enable students to use a variety of technologies, accept and excel in challenging situations, and appreciate individuals of diversity. The school serves students in grades 9-12. Career programs offered at the school include Academy of Information Technology, Education & Training Pathway, Law Enforcement Pathway and Finance Pathway.

W.H. Adamson High School
309 E. Ninth St.

W.H. Adamson High School prides itself on molding its students into college- and career-ready individuals. A diverse course of study includes dual credit, pre-AP and AP classes and the Academy of Finance to enable students to create a path toward future success. The Adamson High School family is connected to the community through its active PTSA, school mentors and ROTC programs.

Franklin D. Roosevelt High School and Academy of Health Science
525 Bonnie View Road

The Mission of Roosevelt High School is to provide an environment that is safe, ethical, and good for children and to educate all to become complex thinkers and life-long learners with the ability to succeed in a global economy. Career programs offered at the school include Health Science Satellite Magnet and Academy of Health Sciences.

L.G. Pinkston High School
2200 Dennison St.

The staff and students of L.G. Pinkston High School believe that anything is possible through collaboration, rigor, relevance and relationships while believing, achieving and succeeding together. We are committed to becoming the premier high school in the nation by becoming proficient staff members and students while learning to adapt to our world as a global society. Career programs offered at the school include Law Magnet, Law Pathway, Automotive Technology Pathway, Architecture Pathway and Welding Pathway.

Lincoln High School and Communications/Humanities Magnet
2826 Elsie Faye Heggins St.

The mission of Lincoln High School and Humanities/Communications Magnet is to foster and cultivate pride, which prepares all students to achieve excellence and compete successfully in a dynamic and global society. We will provide a diverse, rich, and interactive environment by creating and implementing effective high quality instruction in a safe, orderly, and engaging atmosphere. We will actively monitor student progress by engaging in professional learning communities which will enhance the future endeavors of all stakeholders through life- long learning, shared leadership, and community involvement. Career programs offered at the school include Business Management Pathway, Arts A/V Pathway, Academy of Engineering and Culinary Arts/Entrepreneurial Pathway.

James Madison High School
3000 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

The mission of James Madison High School is to provide a safe and secure learning environment in which students gain the academic and social skills to become productive citizens. Students are provided with skills and opportunities that encourage them to visit colleges/universities, inquire about careers based on their individual interests and become lifelong learners. Resources include highly qualified teachers and staff, challenging academic programs such as Advanced Placement and dual-credit classes, extracurricular activities such as sports, cheerleading and drill teams, JROTC, UIL academic competitions, and collegiate/career awareness activities. We are proud to join the list of accomplished schools apart of the career pathways provided by the National Academy Foundation. The 2014-2015 school year was the first year of implementation of the Academy for Information Technology.

Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy
4730 S. Lancaster Road

The school’s mission statement is to develop young men into impactful leaders through the development of their intellectual, moral, physical, social and emotional skills for the global society of tomorrow. The Academy’s Mission is to develop young men into impactful leaders through the development of their intellectual, moral, physical, social and emotional skills for the global society of tomorrow.

Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center
1201 E. Eighth St.

 Townview Center houses six Dallas ISD Magnet Schools.

  • Judge Barefoot Sanders Magnet Center for Public Service

The mission of Judge Barefoot Sanders Magnet Center for Public Service: Government, Law and Law Enforcement is to introduce our students to the opportunities available in the fields of law, public service, government, criminal justice, and law enforcement and to teach the skills necessary to excel in these career areas in a culturally diverse society.

  • School for the Gifted and Talented

The mission of the School for the Talented and Gifted is to provide an environment in which the unique worth, dignity, and abilities of each individual are not only recognized but cultivated and celebrated as well. We wish to provide an educational experience that empowers highly capable students to interact with their intellectual peers in academic, creative, aesthetic, and social endeavors in order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow and to become life-long learners, responsible citizens, and contributors to the betterment of society as a whole in an ever-changing world. Our mission is also to take our students and provide them with the skills and cultivate their talents so they can accepted to the colleges/universities of their choice with the money to go there and to be successful at those institutions of higher learning.

  • School of Business and Management

If you want to establish a successful business, run a major corporation, create your own fashion design firm, be a sports entertainment executive, or create the next best thing in animation or gaming, the School of Business and Management is where you start your journey.Through its six academies, the award-winning School of Business and Management offers students a jump start to their dreams through career-oriented preparatory courses, dual-credit classes, Advance Placement courses, networking and internship opportunities with industry partners in the Dallas area.

  • School of Health Professions

The mission of the School of Health Professions is to prepare students to function effectively in their community and the diverse global society by offering a balanced and rigorous academic and health-oriented education. The School of Health Professions is unique in that it provides students with practical experience through internships at various health-care facilities that coincide with the cluster they have chosen to study. Students participate in these internships while maintaining high academic standards.

  • School of Science and Engineering

Students study advanced topics in math and science through an academically rigorous program. They also are nurtured to maturity through language and liberal arts programs. Our staff of teachers, trained in the Advanced Placement program, work before and after school with students on their studies as well as assist students with any personal issues they may have. Once a student has entered his or her junior year, the counseling staff intensifies its focus to address students’ individual needs. They help to ensure all students graduate with either the Recommended Diploma or the Distinguished Diploma. They assist with college applications, staying at the forefront of the admission requirements and timetables established by the colleges and universities.

  • Rosie M. Collins Sorrells School of Education and Social Services

The school is a magnet school that provides a rigorous college-preparatory program along with a career and technology emphasis that prepares students for success in their college and career endeavors. Students graduating from the Rosie Sorrells School of Education and Social Services earn more than a high school diploma. They gain the knowledge, skills and experiences to make their college and career goals a reality.