Grow South Advisory Council

The main intention of this group is two fold. First, to host one meeting per quarter in a community that is impacted by the Grow South initiative.Second, provide the feedback from the community to the Mayor once per quarter for discussion.



  • Javis Armstrong
  • Taylor Tones
  • Antonia Hubertv
  • Chris Bhatti
  • Kristen Schulz
  • Claudia Fowler
  • Dayron Miles
  • Rayshunda Holt
  • Sterling Davis
  • E.Jean Pemberton-Jones
  • Kiyundra Gulley
  • Shari Hicks
  • Cheryl Brown
  • Amanda Moreno Lake
  • Zaphrey Williams
  • Emmanuel Obi
  • Michael Waters
  • Tre Black
  • Ana Rodriguez
  • Jill Hanning


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