GrowSouth 2.0 Accelerators

When we launched the GrowSouth initiative in early 2012, we had bold, long term goals. We knew that we would be fighting numerous battles in a highly dynamic environment and keeping a steady pace of growth. We are on target but, enhancements are always necessary in long term plans like this. Our key goals remain the same, including development of a thriving tax base in southern Dallas. However, in order to continue the momentum, we must modify our tactics and add new tools. The issues we have to address include: 1) receiving better feedback and communication of citizens in southern Dallas 2) focusing our resources in neighborhoods and not allowing them to be diffused 3) dealing with problematic landlord/tenant issues and 4) creating new single family housing stock. In order to solve these issues, we are unveiling new strategies for accelerating GrowSouth:


1. Mayor’s GrowSouth Advisory Council

2. Neighbor Up

3. High Impact Landlord Initiative

4. Single Family Housing Initiative


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