GrowSouth VISTAs are on the move!

During the month of April, every weekend was dedicated to at least one project or event – sometimes as many as four times that! Overall, there were more than fifteen separate events either VISTA-led or partnered.

This mobilized team was recognized by Mayor Rawlings and the councilpersons of the various Southern Dallas districts in which VISTAs serve at the Mayor’s Council Briefing at City Hall, as well as at the National Service Day of Recognition event!

But if you want to find a VISTA, you’ll find them in the community:



Many hands make light work – and with more than 10 community-centered events, every hand was most appreciated! The Expungment Expo on the 29th was an incredible success! Resource and Health Fairs in Pleasant Grove, organized with the help of VISTA Marcus Albright brought knowledge to the people, and neighborhood cleanups brought people together with their neighbors. The Lawn-n-Order event over Easter weekend, brought about in great part by VISTA Danielle Conley, community leaders and with major thanks to many volunteers saw a day of service to elderly residents of Tenth Street, many of whom struggle with the physical demands of lawn and yard upkeep.

When we collaborate our efforts, we are sure to transform our surroundings! Looking forward to the completion of the Five Mile Mural – thanks to all who attended the priming party!


The Pursuit Dallas Entrepreneurship and Leadership Conference partnered with GrowSouth to conduct a free seminar on business planning, financial literacy and growth strategies. We recognize that the greatest resource in Southern Dallas is the people themselves. Empowering and supporting young South Dallasites in becoming business leaders in their communities ensures a brighter future for every resident of Dallas.


The long-awaited neighborhood signs for Singing Hills have arrived! With much-appreciated assistance from Frost Bank and Willow Creek Signs, the persistence of VISTAs Ryan Behring and Paige Ransom, and the determination of Singing Hills residents and their supporters, these signs were installed on the 29th of April. They not only proudly display the neighborhood’s name but also represent the accomplishment of a common goal, something that transforms people in to neighbors, and neighbors into a community. The new signs declare ‘We are here’, and inspire a sense of belonging.

It takes more than one or two people, events, or projects to make change happen – but inspiration goes a long way.

We are inspired to strengthen communities in Southern Dallas, and accept as many helping hand in our as we can get! So if you want to find a GrowSouth VISTA, that’s where we’ll be!