High Impact Landlord Initiative

City departments worked together to identify the owners of the most single-family housing rental properties in Dallas from Dallas Central Appraisal District records as of July 2014. This is called the High Impact Landlord Initiative (HILL Initiative)

  • Eight High Impact Landlords identified
    • HMK LTD
    • GW Works and Co.
    • JL Leasing
    • Topletz Investments
    • JBIII Investment Inc
    • ABOVO Corp
    • Roy and Linda Childers
  • Mayor’s Office reached out to each of these HILL property owners, except one, to ask them for their commitment to be an active participant in eliminating blight from neighborhoods where their rental properties are located.
    • ISYA, GW Works, JL Leasing, JBIII and ABOVO have signed a commitment card to work with City of Dallas
    • HMK attended the meeting but has not officially signed commitment card
    • Roy and Linda Childers have been called and contacted by city staff personally but no meeting date has been set with Mayor and no calls returned.
  • Mayor did not engage with one HILL property owner- Topletz Investment.
    • The City’s litigation attorneys informed the Mayor that a lawsuit against Topletz Investments was already imminent.
    • The lawsuit, in fact, will be filed in state district court Wednesday 11/18/2015.
    • Factual lawsuit include:
      • Habitual crime at a number of properties
      • Substandard and dilapidated conditions of the properties
      • Discovery of unfair and illegal management practices towards tenants.

Allegations in lawsuit are so serious that the city will be asking the court to appoint a receiver to manage all their properties until the condition of the properties and Topletz’s management practices are fully in compliance with the law.

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