The IIPOD is a coordinated effort partnering communities and developers making Dallas the nation’s premier logistics and distribution center. The opening of UP’s Dallas Intermodal Terminal in 2005 jump-started the initiative. IIPOD is a catalyst for Southern Sector investment, job growth and development of sustainable communities, with a goal of increasing the city-wide tax base. Approximately 1,500 acres of developable real estate of the 7,500 acre geography rests within the City of Dallas. Current operating tenants include names like L’Oreal, FedEx, Whirlpool, Quaker, Unilever, Conn’s Appliance, and Home Depot among many others. The project takes advantage of the region’s superior transportation infrastructure, which includes five interstate highways and two Class I railroads (Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe), and is focused at the confluence of Interstates 35, 45, and I-20. City of Dallas supported through tax abatement and infrastructure programs.

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