Ntarupt wants students to use their voice as a filmmakers to create a short production about Social Media and Sex from their unique perspective. Their film will be eligible for CASH prizes and a chance to be shown at a screening along with the top twelve entries.

Ntarupt (North Texas Alliance to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Teens) – pronounced “interrupt” – helps teens have opportunity uninterrupted. They work with teens to make the community a better place by helping them make healthy, responsible, and informed decisions about their sexual health.

Ntarupt wants all teens in Dallas lo lead healthy lives, achieve their goals and dreams, and to wait until they are self-sufficient to become parents. Ntarupt works with teens in schools, churches, rec centers, and afterschool programs. They help teens talk about a very awkward and difficult subject: sex and relationships. Many teens are not getting the right information about their bodies, sexually transmitted infections, the importance of waiting or practicing safe sex, and healthy relationships. Ntarupt works to provide this information to teens in a safe environment and they refer teens to low-cost reproductive healthcare.

They need your help. They want kids to tell adults and decision-makers in Dallas what really goes on in their world around these issues- they want the honest and raw truth. Many adults think they know why teens are or are not having sex, and may make assumptions based on what they think. By students submitting films, they will be a voice for their generation and help adults understand the issues and pressures facing teens.


Details about competition here:

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