Salvation Army Leaders and Volunteers Smash a Wall to Launch Renovations at The Salvation Army in Pleasant Grove

Wielding full-size sledgehammers, community leaders ceremonially “knocked down” a wall at The Salvation Army in Pleasant Grove to officially announce a major overhaul of the 52-year-old building to give the 20,475 square-foot center a facelift and add a 2,500 sq. ft. storage building and a 1,200 sq. ft. food pantry to help The Salvation Army better serve the local community. The wall contained words and phrases written as graffiti that represent problems holding kids back from reaching their full potential. As the group “hit” the wall with the sledgehammers, they symbolically knocked down these problems and open a new path for children and families in Pleasant Grove. When the wall came down, new artwork on a wall behind it contained phrases representing goals for local children and families. The words were Faith, Love, Hope, Life, Education, and Success. Construction started on September 21. It is projected to be completed in September 2018