Single Family Housing Initiative

A key group of people called the Housing Steering Committee and led by Ted Wilson are putting together strategies to build 1,500 new homes in southern Dallas priced $150K-500K in the next four years. Other goals are to:

  • Streamline process for new single family homes
  • Utilize economic development incentives for builders
  • Expand land bank strategy to allow new home owners to access land
  • Create homebuilder steering committee

Homebuilder Steering Committee

homebuilding_steering committeeSince 2Q 2015, over 350 new single-family homes in the proposed price range have been issued permits or completed permits (as of Q1 2016)

The City of Dallas is currently working on the following issues:

  • Staffing Sustainable Construction and Development Department with quality staff
  • Pre-Development processes
  • Technology limitation
  • Abandonment process
  • Communication between different departments
  • The city’s current infrastructure
  • Tree mitigation issues
  • Shared access development

The committee has identified top builders in southern Dallas as Camden and Dalrock. There are nine top active communities that have more than ten starts in their community.

  • Legacy Lots have an inventory of approx. 1,400 vacant developed lots
    • Group identified communities with 50 or more lots that could complete 1,500 homes
      • Shady Oak Estates
      • Capella Park
      • Kleberg Villas
      • Parkway Village
      • Brierwood Heights
      • Hickory Creek
      • Sphinx at Fiji
      • Morada Ranch

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