The 10-Point Plan

To have true success in southern Dallas, we must 1) focus on quality of life, 2) set short-term and long-term goals, 3) attract new investment and 4) celebrate our successes. We are all in this together, so our whole city should be excited when good things happen. This will go a long way toward changing the image and perception of development in southern Dallas, and it will build confidence and drive additional investment.

The 10-Point Plan of GrowSouth


1) Strengthen & Engage Neighborhoods 2) Culture of Clean 3) Strengthening Schools 4) Debunk Myths and Rebrand Southern Dallas 4) GrowSouth Ad Campaign 5) Create Private Investment Fund for Southern Dallas 6) Downtown & Near Downtown 7) West Dallas 8) Lancaster Corridor 9) Jefferson Boulevard 10) Education Corridor


GrowSouth 2.0 – Accelerators

When we launched the GrowSouth initiative in early 2012, we had bold, long term goals. We knew that we would be fighting numerous battles in a highly dynamic environment and keeping a steady pace of growth. We are on target but, enhancements are always necessary in long term plans like this. Our key goals remain the same, including development of a thriving tax base in southern Dallas. However, in order to continue the momentum, we must modify our tactics and add new tools.

The issues we have to address include: 1) receiving better feedback and communication of citizens in southern Dallas 2) focusing our resources in neighborhoods and not allowing them to be diffused 3) dealing with problematic landlord/tenant issues and 4) creating new single family housing stock. In order to solve these issues, we are unveiling new strategies for GrowSouth:

1. Mayor’s GrowSouth Advisory Council
2. Neighbor Up
3. High Impact Landlord Initiative
4. Single Family Housing Initiative

Read more about the GrowSouth Accelerators here

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